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Nate Diniro

Social Media/Technology Solutions

Nate heads up social media promotions for, Miss J's Crypto Couture and Crypto Couture™.

Nate is an entrepreneur, founder, and advisor for organizations that are embracing blockchain technology in the solutions, products, or services they offer their customers & fans. He's been especially active in 2021 counseling artists and companies that serve creatives and artists on how to onboard and embrace NFTs. Thanks to nearly a decade in the blockchain, wallet, and self-sovereign data space, Nate helps his clients make good choices.

Nate advises VR/AR companies on innovation and technology in service the e-commerce and NFT space, he helps to operate an award-winning cybersecurity firm that serves entertainment & VIP clientele, a blockchain-based supply chain provenance firm, and serves as an advisor having co-founded; an early pioneer of blockchain in custodial blockchain wallets.

Nate is based in Portland, Oregon, with personal and professional interests in blockchain, NFTs, self-sovereign cybersecurity and OSINT, healthcare IT, open-source software, and digital identity.


Nate Diniro
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